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The importance of contract and temporary accounting staff to help support the rebound

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It is undeniable that the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus has had a devastating impact on the lives of thousands and has significantly changed the current economic landscape. Many companies are facing difficult decisions through these uncertain times and are having to reconsider their recruitment plans. Whilst many are concerned with the big unknown that the future presents, some companies are using this time as an opportunity to revaluate their strategy and are considering the benefits offered by contract or temporary staff to support their short-term goals.

How can contract or temporary hires help ​businesses recover after the Coronavirus?

​​There are many benefits to hiring contract or temporary staff but given the current climate their unique skillsets and the flexibility they offer will prove invaluable for supporting business rebound in the months following the end of isolation and social distancing. Temporary and contract staff can help support companies during the rebound in the following ways:


Unlike a permanent hire, temporary and interim staff can be hired for a fixed amount of time, allowing businesses more flexibility when it comes to short-term staffing. Contract staff are also themselves flexible and usually able to work in your offices or at home and still keep your business needs at the forefront of their minds and efforts.  


Streamlined and fast hiring process

Hiring a person for a permanent position requires an employer to consider several things including skills, experience, attitude, future prospects and whether they would be a good fit within your company culture. With temporary staff you do not need to worry about the long-term implications of whether they are a good cultural fit; you only need to assess relevant skills and experience. This makes the hiring process much quicker. It is even faster if you combine your efforts with a recruitment partner who specialises in placing temporary or interim staff.


Lower annual costs

Temporary and interim managers – otherwise known as contingency workers – by their very nature are only required for specific projects or initiatives, or to help manage peaks in workloads. Other fixed costs including benefits, national insurance, annual leave and other forms of remuneration are included in the contracted rate and can therefore be a cost-effective alternative to bringing on a permanent member of staff. This will help keep your annual costs down – a vital factor for ensuring your business will thrive after the rebound from the Coronavirus outbreak.


Instant results

Temporary and interim staff are only part of the business for a short period and have lots to achieve in that time. This means that they have developed resilient flexibility and resourcefulness which allows them to hit the ground running in a new assignment and business. This means minimal onboarding and a fast turnaround for results and progress. Exactly what everyone will need after the economic downturn we’re experiencing. 

Specialised skillsets

Temporary staff and interim managers often have a very specialised skillset and have experience with specialised projects. This means they can deliver the exact expertise needed to accelerate your business objectives and achieve targets and goals.

Prior to the Coronavirus outbreak, the UK was experiencing a record-breaking period of employment and we are sure businesses will be able to get back on track with their business goals and resulting hiring plans. Economists say it is still too early to predict exactly what is going to happen, howeverthegovernment has predicted a speedy economic recovery. 

With our database and deep network we are able to source high-calibre candidates to suit the specific needs of your business to make sure you have the talent you need to grow. We have the expertise to help you source quality temporary or interim staff and can assess their experience and skills effectively and quickly to help you streamline your recruiting process. 

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