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Data analytics recruiters: Sourcing the right people to enable your business to innovate and grow

​Creating bespoke data analytics talent solutions so you can unleash your data's potential!

As data becomes an increasingly important part of a business’ competitive strategy, finding the right highly-skilled data analytics professionals can be a challenge. 

Being able to harness data effectively is key to maintaining your company’s competitive advantage in the market. This means that building your data analytics team should be an important part of your business strategy, and as such, needs deep knowledge of the market, current technologies and your competitive position to support it. 

When looking for talent to bolster your data analytics team, you need to know you’re making a lasting appointment that will impact your business for the better. You need to source professionals who can leverage machine learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), a full range of descriptive analytics tools, and have the experience and knowledge to facilitate the data engineering required to access, organise, transform and present your data. When high-level data presentation can make for better business decision making, every data analytics hire needs to count.

Partnering with Edward Mann means you’re not alone in the search for top-notch data analytics talent. We can help you:

  • Assess your technology suite and suggest relevant skills for current usage and future upgrades

  • Translate your short and long-term business goals into an effective recruitment strategy 

  • Produce high-quality candidate profiles to help you achieve your goals

  • Shape your data analytics team so that it’s flexible and fit for purpose

  • Find cost-effective solutions to skills shortages

    Our boutique recruitment process ensures you get highly-skilled and proficient permanent and interim employees with skills and proficiencies that are going to support your business with whatever the future may hold. We are knowledgeable in the market and have had great success in creating bespoke recruitment strategies and sourcing the best talent for your company across a variety of roles and seniorities, including:

  • Business Intelligence

  • Data Analysis

  • Data Engineering

  • Data Science

  • Web Analytics

We know how important it is to fill your team with quality talent yet retain a flexible model for future growth as we are expanding our own team. We are looking to grow our presence around the world, with offices already established in Sydney and London, so we know how important it is to find the right fit for your business and your future. We adopt the same care and precision for our clients’ hiring strategies as we do for our own. 

Building a data analytics team for the future:

When information is power, the ability of your data analytics team to gather Big Data to drive meaningful business insight is crucial to business development, assessing future business opportunities, and leveraging growth.

Every company needs a hiring strategy that suits their unique data needs. From sourcing qualified and capable professionals proficient in using data as a strategic asset to drive robust and insights, to recommending technology to support your current and future business’s data analysis requirements, we can help you shape a team and a service that is going to increase your business’ profitability and drive better decision making. 

Proudly matching data analytics professionals with leading businesses

People are at the heart of Edward Mann. For more than 10 years, our team of professional and dedicated consultants have been finding the right talent for the right businesses. We strive to always provide you with a quality-driven service.

Management insight

In the ever-changing world of data, it is important to stay abreast of every new development. We keep our finger on the pulse of what is happening in the world of data analytics, closely looking at new trends and statistics that can support you with the latest management advice and news via our insights page.

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