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Effective and tailored talent resources at your fingertips 

Finding the right talent to fit into your business is an important process. The skills and experience you need depend on the ever-changing market and can be difficult and time-consuming to pinpoint on your own. 

Edward Mann’s recruitment consultants specialise in sourcing permanent or interim entry-level to senior executive candidates in:

By identifying the unique requirements of an organisation, we find the right candidate with the right skills, qualifications and experience to suit the current economic demands of your business. We believe that the positive work we do has a direct impact and helps shape the future for our candidates and our clients.

Flexibility is key in building your team, so our consultants take the time to understand your business and help you hire highly-skilled professionals on a permanent or interim basis quickly and with minimal disruption.

With offices in London and Sydney, we are an expanding business with plans to open more international offices in the future, so we know the importance of finding the right talent to support growth and development! We employ the same level of care and precision when expanding our clients’ teams as we do with our own. ​

How we provide exceptional finance and accounting talent to our clients

We have developed three main service lines to provide exceptional value to our clients. By placing your bespoke business requirements at the forefront of our decision making - we’re able to provide agile talent solutions - either through our contingency, exclusive and retained services.


Our contingency recruitment services ensure you get the talent you need, when you need it. We provide a full strategic overview from a tailored marketing solution to a plan of action with allocated search times to fit your requirements. So you have access to candidates as quickly as possible, we assign a dedicated recruitment consultant to answer any queries and provide a breakdown of all shortlists.

Our contingency recruitment service offers you:

  • Competitive rates

    – Our bespoke recruitment expertise maximises efficiency to deliver outstanding value

  • Access to niche networks and expertise

    – Our unrivalled talent network enables you to bolster your business teams with professionals possessing a vast array of skillsets

  • Speed to market

    – Our experienced consultants and their familiarity in engaging with their network accelerates your acquisition of specialist talent


Our exclusive services give you all the flexibility and strategic benefits of contingency recruitment but with priority allocated search time, passive market approach and a targeted advertising campaign so that you are reaching your optimal talent pool quickly. This gives you the service of retained search but with no up-front commercial exchange or commitment. Your dedicated consultant will ensure all shortlists are presented quickly and clearly and you also gain access to our offsite interviewing suite so to ensure your vacancies are filled in the most efficient way possible.

Our exclusive service means you gain:

  • Quality

    - More committed and suitable candidates engaged

  • Access– Communication with relevant passive candidates in new channels

  • Consistency– Consistent brand message broadcast in the marketplace


Our retained search service allows us to build a long-lasting relationship with you and your organisation, allowing us to deploy our strategic support to deliver market mapping, salary performance verifications, candidate success reviews for placements after three months, competitor analysis and Thomas psychometric testing. This means you get a truly 360 approach to support your ongoing growth.

With retained search services you gain:

  • Confidence- High probability in hiring the best candidate available for the role

  • Assurance

    – All recruitment channels have been exploited and utilised to attract the best candidates

  • Intelligence– Market and hiring trends within your sector

  • Retention– Increased retention rate by way of thorough application and screening process​

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