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3 things you should know about the current jobs in finance before applying

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Finance and Accounting jobs are generally dependable in terms of salary, career progression and personal development, making the profession a good career choice. But while the Finance and Accounting jobs market is usually robust, it’s not beyond the mercy of the events of the last few months and years. The uncertainty caused by Brexit and the global pandemic have affected the Finance and Accounting jobs market and made it a challenging time for those seeking a new role.

More candidates are available than usual, due in some instances to redundancies following furlough schemes, as well as others looking to move jobs as this uncertain year has given them impetus to seek new challenges and opportunities. Furthermore, digital transformation is widespread, and again will only be increasingly so. This means employers are looking for the candidates who are most competent technologically and possess the skills that can best steer businesses through change.

In this climate it’s imperative to take time over applications when applying for a new job, rather than firing them off confident in the knowledge you tick the required boxes for the role. You will need to stand out against a plethora of other candidates with similar levels of qualifications and experience.

How to start looking for jobs in finance:

When making your initial job search, it will be useful to consider these three things currently affecting Finance and Accounting jobs:

  1. Employers are looking for different skills

Although individual requirements will differ, there are certain hard and soft skills currently in high demand, irrespective of the specific job role. 

Employers will be looking for creative thinkers with highly attuned critical thinking skills, with the ability to forecast accurately and adaptatively. With many corporate roles adapting to onboarding new employees remotely, proving yourself a capable self-starter during the application and interview process is a must. 

They will be looking for candidates not merely digitally competent but who can demonstrate a knowledge of and interest in changing technologies, and how to utilise these in a way that best benefits the business.

Strategic thinking and company loyalty will be highly desired attributes, as will the ability to stay level-headed during crises. Knowledge of risk and corporate due diligence will be attractive to potential employers.

  1. There is greater competition for roles

The reality is the job market is very employer-driven at the moment, in contrast to the competition for candidates there had been for many years prior to this time. 

This means you really need to stand out against the competition – why are you better than another candidate at a similar level? 

Potential employers will need to see:

  • Proven results 

  • How you respond to challenging times

  • Digital competence

  • What you can offer their business 

Proving your digital expertise might include a video presentation, for example, highlighting your key successes and attributes.

  1. A specialist recruiter can help increase your chances of standing out

While you can take steps to go the extra mile as a candidate, it’s not always easy to guess exactly what the employer is looking for, or how to sell yourself successfully. A specialist recruiter like Edward Mann, with close relationships with hiring managers and access to a high number of Finance and Accountancy roles, will know how to help you put your best foot forward and how to highlight the ways you better the competition. 

Spending time with a recruitment consultant means they’ll come to know your desires, successesand competencies. This two-way intel will increase your chances of being seen by the right organisation, and of you securing the best role for you.

Edward Mann can assist you in finding the right job move where you can fully utilise your skills and plan for personal growth to ensure a bright future. Our consultants will help you at every step of the way, offering application support, and interview advice so you make the right impression. 

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