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The importance of social media for your Finance and Accounting recruitment

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Finance and Accounting is one of the most important departments of any organisation; the insights and data generated there are integral to forward-thinking and informed business decision making. The importance of, and the innovative developments taking place in this department may not initially seem to lend itself to the fast-moving world of social media, and this is something that companies need to address.

Many might ask,is there a place for Finance and Accounting on social media? And the answer is yes! Using social media to promote the developments and advancements in your Finance and Accounting team can play an active and impactful role in your talent acquisition process.

Having a strong social media strategy to promote the dynamism of your Finance and Accounting department can prove to be an effective part of your employer branding, actively encouraging top-tier talent to want to work for you as an employer, increasing the calibre of applicants to your vacancies.

Harness your social media to attract Finance and Accounting talent:

Social media can play an important part in supporting your employer branding – the way you portray yourself as an employer on all of your channels, conveying what it is like to work for you in an attractive way.

However, creating an entire plan to convey this can be time-consuming. Engaging a specialist recruiter will give you the support you need to effectively convey your employer branding through social media by:

  • Planning out a campaign to promote what it is like to work for you

  • Mixing it in with thought leadership that accurately reflects the forward-thinking nature of your team

  • Ensuring it matches the rest of your platforms, like your website’s blogs, ‘Work for Us’ page and more

This will ensure that when applicants research your company they will find it engaged, attractive and a good prospect. This has become increasingly prevalent in recruiting as the data suggests that as 75% of job seekers type their job search query into the Google search bar, applicants are very likely to look at your social channels and assess your website’s representation of you as an employer.

Social media as a recruitment marketing channel

Recruiters can also harness social media to actively attract top-level Finance and Accounting candidates. Whilst it’s no secret that recruiters use LinkedIn to create a network of highly-skilled professionals in their chosen field, their use of social media to fill job orders is actually much more complicated and sophisticated.

Recruiters are able to coordinate a recruitment strategy across:

  • Social media, particularly LinkedIn and LinkedIn Recruiter

  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)

  • Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising

  • Mobile-optimised ‘work for us’ webpage(s)/microsite

  • Google for Jobs

  • Online job boards like Indeed, Monster, CV Library

  • Email and database marketing

Doing this across a wide range of digital channels allows them to better target the right candidate audience to fill your Finance and Accounting team with the talent you need. The depth and breadth of their LinkedIn networks allows your company to benefit from targeted messaging, outreach and engagement.

At Edward Mann we can help you shape an effective and inclusive recruitment strategy and fully utilise social media to its full effect. Through our database and deep networks we are able to source high-calibre temporary, interim or permanent candidates from diverse backgrounds to suit the specific needs of your business and create an inclusive workplace. We also have the expertise to advise you on how best to leverage AI to create an inclusive hiring process.

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