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How can recruiters streamline your Finance and Accounting talent acquisition process?

As the busy season sets in before the end of the year, many organisations are having to recalibrate their priorities and resources. This means that many finance leaders are having to create their own hiring strategies as HR, with their own mounting workloads, are often too busy to support them. One of the most daunting prospects of this is the time pressures of trying to find Finance and Accounting talent to ensure your end-of-year goals are achieved and you’re primed and ready for the year ahead. 

The reality facing many hiring managers is that trying to hire without a trusted recruiting partner or internal support can raise its own unique set of challenges when it comes to Finance and Accounting. Hiring managers may find it difficult to create a fully-realised strategy to fill their team with the skilled professionals they need due to:

  • Advancing Finance and Accounting technology and a need for new skills

  • Creating job descriptions for new positions

  • Budget constraints

  • Impending deadlines and a sense of urgency to increase manpower/headcount

  • Projects and work building up in the background

Unfortunately, these factors can contribute to choices being made without enough time or information to properly consider them, which will ultimately cost more money than engaging the support of a recruiter. Indeed, TheRECestimate that a bad hire at mid-manager level (earning £42,000) can end up costing up to £132,015. Not only will the cost-effective benefits of using a recruiter help you stay within your hiring or yearly budget, but recruiters can streamline the entire process.

Four ways a recruiter can improve your Finance team recruitment

We have put together four ways a specialist Finance and Accounting recruiter can help to streamline your talent acquisition process:

Quickly assess your current systems, processes and team structure to make suggestions about appropriate candidate profiles

As we’ve mentioned, technology is improving exponentially and creating better Finance and Accounting software all the time. This makes it imperative that all organisations ensure they have the talent they need to leverage cutting-edge software to secure their competitive footing in the market.

A recruiter can look at what systems you are currently using, and suggest the requisite skills needed to use it effectively, ultimately helping your company create better financial insight and improve business decision making. This can help you identify what you need from your new hire, and how they will fit within your team, department and company as a whole.

Identify which recruitment marketing channels would better attract your ideal talent pool

Recruiters can suggest relevant recruitment marketing channels that will attract a diverse range of your ideal candidates, saving you time and usually money too as many of those channels are free for recruiters to use and optimise.

Quickly sift applications and provide you with only the most qualified CVs

In order to take the pressure off hiring managers who have countless tasks and responsibilities to manage outside of their recruiting initiatives, recruiters can sift through hundreds of CVs on a daily basis and even perform preliminary screening and interviewing.

Support your interview process and ensure the right cultural fit

Recruiters are able to help you shape your interview process and ensure you ask questions that will allow you to better ascertain your candidates’ experience, knowledge and skills but also their viability as a cultural fit with your team and company.

At Edward Mann we can help you shape an effective and inclusive recruitment strategy. Through our database and deep networks we are able to source high-calibre temporary, interim or permanent candidates from diverse backgrounds to suit the specific needs of your business and create an inclusive workplace. We also have the expertise to advise you on how best to leverage AI to create an inclusive hiring process.

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