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How to assess a potential employer remotely: From research to interview

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​Applying for a new job over the past year has not been without its challenges, not least because it has meant going through the process remotely,and this can be daunting. Although a lot can be communicated through a screen, so much of what fleshes out the bones of a job offer, and an organisation is found when meeting its people (hiring managers and colleagues) and visiting the physical offices. Environment, atmosphere, the level of staff engagement, etc., are all important aspects that online meetings may struggle to convey.

Don’t be disheartened however, it is possible to secure a Finance and Accounting job remotely, and to feel confident the role and organisation is right for you – with enough due diligence and exploratory questions.

3 interview tips for candidates to get to know your potential employer

  1. Research as you normally would, and then some!

You will be used to researching a business as part of the interview process (both for interview prep and our own due diligence) by reviewing their website, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor reviews–it’s great there’s a vast array of tools to help in your research - now more than ever you need to dig deep to create a non-physical overview of the business you could be working for. Do as much as you can.

You’ll also want to maximise the opportunities available during the interview itself – see if there is scope to ‘meet’ potential colleagues or have a video tour of the offices for instance. Of course, a lot of the onus is on the hiring company to present themselves as comprehensively as possible to you, what they can or are willing to accommodate may be an indicator of their suitability on its own!


  1. Ask more questions in your remote interview

Help bridge the gap by probing a little more than you normally would at a face-to-face interview, and ask questions geared towards those elements of the role and business that are less tangible online.

Example questions:

How would you describe the team and company dynamic and how has it changed due to the pandemic?

What positive aspects of your company culture has been brought out by the pandemic? 

​How do you see the team and company developing in the future?

What would you say has been the biggest strength the team has shown so far in working through the pandemic?


  1. Ask for feedback and further communication

Don’t judge the organisation on your background research and the interview process alone. What is their follow up like? Did they offer a guide to expected timeframes of feedback, and did they stick to them? How open was the communication afterwards? 

How they treat potential employees is often a good indicator of how they treat their existing staff. 

How to start looking for a new Finance and Accounting job? 

It can certainly feel a dive into the unknown, even from the very start of your job search. At Edward Mann, our specialist consultants will assist you in finding the right job move where you can fully utilise your skills and plan for personal growth to ensure a bright future. 

Our consultants will help you at every step of the way, offering application support, and interview advice so you make the right impression. 

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