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3 reasons to catch up with your recruiter

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Due to the uncertainty experienced over the last 12 months within the job market, many who remained in permanent jobs were understandably reluctant to make any risky career moves. The market has since picked up, however, and with it a great opportunity for those who missed out on taking the next step in their careers!

With this market rebound and potential influx of opportunities, now is a good time to reassess your employment situation and revisit your career progression plans. 

Looking for a new job can take time and potentially multiple plans of attack, from forging and utilising different social media networks to perusing different job boards and avenues. There are multiple ways to find a new job, these include (but are not limited to):

  • Internal promotion

  • Word of mouth

  • Job boards

  • Social media

  • Directly through the employer (careers pages)

  • Recruiters

At the start of your job search you may wonder - should I use a recruiter or apply directly? 

It’s possible, likely even, you’ll consider a number of routes to your next job. A major benefit of using the recruiter approach, however, is that it’s a way of benefiting from all the other routes all at the same time, recruiters cover all bases when it comes to sourcing jobs! So, where applying directly will mean looking at job boards, social media channels, careers pages and reaching out to existing networks, contacting a recruiter means they will have already scoured those channels and know where there are listings that would suit you, instead of you having to tackle each yourself, a time-consuming process.

Recruiters are also highly networked, often working on roles before they are advertised, particularly if they are senior or specialist. In short, it removes much of the work for you!

Pros and cons to using a recruiter to find a job


  • Saves you a considerable amount of time on job searches and applications

  • You’ll gain coaching and tips from your recruiter – from CV writing to interview advice

  • The opportunity to gain detailed feedback to help for subsequent applications

  • Networked opportunities – you’ll be told about roles you might not otherwise have had access to


  • You may prefer to maintain control of the overall process

Why should I use a recruiter? 

Ultimately the choice to use a recruiter is up to you, but it will save you time and help you put your best foot forward. Fostering good relationships with recruiters also holds you in good stead for future career moves – you’ll have a consultant who understands your overall career goals and can help you in future job searches, or let you know of opportunities that might be of interest when you’re not actively looking. A trusted recruiter can also help if and when you have your own hiring needs, as you’ll have spent time getting to know one another.

While there are quite a few ways to source a role on your own, when you work with a recruiter you get access to a great deal more.

If you’re still hesitant and asking yourself should I use a recruiter or apply directly? Here are our top three reasons to give recruiters a try: 

  • We can fast-track your CV

  • Will likely have multiple roles suitable for you

  • We will coach you through the interview and provide career guidance

Edward Mann can assist you in finding the right job move where you can fully utilise your skills and plan for personal growth, ensuring a bright future. Our consultants will help you at every step of the way, offering application support and interview advice so you make the right impression.

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