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3 reasons (and one bonus reason) why top recruitment talent is choosing niche agencies over the large, corporate employers

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Recruitment is an incredibly established industry within the UK and, prior to the Covid-19 outbreak, there were just under 40,000 UK-based recruitment agencies trading. They come in all sizes, from huge corporate players to niche and boutique agencies. Whilst there are advantages to working for the larger companies, like having a bigger database to cast your net in, many experienced recruiters grow frustrated with the glitz and glam of big team trips, table tennis and beer fridges when they are not properly compensated. The money has to come from somewhere to pay for these perks and, inevitably, it often comes out of its consultants’ commissions. In a classic David and Goliath story, boutique agencies, like Edward Mann, are becoming more and more appealing to recruiters looking to make a difference to their lives.

The benefits of working for a boutique:

  1. Better earning opportunities 

Larger staffing agencies have larger expenses. With real estate, marketing budgets and large corporate services departments to support, these expenditures often come with more modest compensation and commission structures for recruiting teams. In smaller, niche firms you can expect to find better reward schemes and full transparency when it comes to money. We’re able to put more money back in the pockets of those who earned it!

Edward Mann offers among the industry's most competitive remuneration packages, and rewards employees with flexible working and extra holidays for achieving team targets. As the recruitment industry recovers post Covid-19, we’ve also moved to monthly and more achievable targets, meaning you will qualify for bonus schemes more quickly than what’s on offer at the large corporates.

  1. Greater flexibility and trust

Larger agencies rely on their huge workforce to hit targets; personal achievements and exceptional results are lost in the crowd and go unnoticed. Consultants are expected to hit their target number of calls every day with very little creativity or problem-solving opportunities. 

At a smaller agency, consultants are able to work with greater autonomy and in far smaller teams to work the way that suits them. Our core principles are integrity, honesty and professionalism and as long as our employees uphold them too, we don’t breathe down people’s necks and micromanage. We have the benefit of being able to trust our staff to achieve outstanding results and hit KPIs. 

  1. A louder voice in the business

In a niche recruiting company your voice and opinion has a greater chance of influencing decision making as there are fewer layers of senior management to get to the CEO or Director. This means you have more opportunity to be directly involved in the direction of the business and shaping the company culture and attitude. This is a really important structural model for Edward Mann as we are looking for talented consultants who are going to help shape our overseas enterprises. Based on a model of internal promotion, our future Managers and Directors will start their careers as a Consultant and progress rapidly as we grow.

We are looking to open new offices in New York, Los Angeles, Singapore and many more and need confident, dynamic individuals to drive this growth and success!

  1. Bonus - More effective training and development!

Larger, corporate recruitment agencies will have a set amount of training that is usually in a generic one-size-fits-all format, whereas at a smaller firm you will have access to bespoke training that adapts to suit your learning style and skill set. 

Edward Mann is committed to developing your career and to help you achieve at the highest level and we continually deliver training and support to enable you to become the best. We aim to develop your knowledge quickly and we provide coaching and mentoring to facilitate recruitment progression and promotion that suits your learning style. Our average record to date is Trainee Consultant to Director in five years.

Choosing Edward Mann to grow your career means getting quantifiable rewards and effective ongoing training to achieve your goals. You’re not just a cog in a corporate wheel but a leader in a community of dedicated recruiters. 

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