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How to build the ideal Finance and Accounting team with your recruiter

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There are many benefits of using a recruiter to build and grow your finance function. These include cost and time savings, access to passive job seekers, leveraging AI and technology tools not available in-house, plus having someone who specialises in finding the right skills, personality and cultural fit. Furthermore, a recruiter specialising in Finance and Accounting will be able to look at your business plans and projections and make recommendations about the candidate profile you need to achieve your goals.

This means not so much hiring like-for-like Financial candidates that fit into the traditional mould of what a Finance and Accounting team is supposed to look like, but instead to help you build candidate profiles and job descriptions that more accurately reflect your Finance and Accounting needs now and in the future.

How to build the Finance function of the future:

Recruiters are knowledgeable in the market and can turn your Finance and Accounting team into supportive business partners that can contribute to important decision-making processes for the entire organisation. This means having effective technology and software in place to produce real-time data and enough financial and business analysts to derive insight and recommendations from that data.

Whilst every recruitment agency may have a different methodology and approach to talent acquisition, at Edward Mann we take the time to sit down with your hiring manager or department to work out what skill sets and qualifications, finance function structure or restructuring will facilitate your long-term goals.

Expressing any desirable skills or technical proficiencies at this point will also help your recruitment consultant get a more accurate picture of what you want from your hiring process and candidate selection.

Once you’ve scoped out your ideal candidate profiles together, your recruiter will suggest the best and fastest way to create the job description and the best recruitment marketing channels to utilise in order to attract your ideal candidates. From there they can help you sift candidates and applications, conduct preliminary screening and even advise you on interview structure and questions.

What are the benefits of using a recruitment agency to build your finance team?

Recruiters can help shape your hiring strategy, helping you create a streamlined and efficient finance function that can support your business through whatever the future may hold in store. But they can also serve a more holistic function, recruiters can help you:

  • Create an inclusive hiring strategy to foster a diverse workforce

  • Significantly speed up the process and reduce the likelihood of making a bad hire (an expensive mistake to make)

  • In exceptional circumstances, like advising on remote onboarding and recruitment

  • Provide an adaptable service that caters to your business’ unique needs

  • Assess whether you need permanent or interim resources

Building your finance and accounting team so that it can adapt quickly to future market developments and technology is of utmost importance, and Edward Mann’s recruitment consultants can help you do that quickly and effectively.

At Edward Mann we can help you shape an effective and inclusive recruitment strategy. Through our database and deep networks we are able to source high-calibre temporary, interim or permanent candidates from diverse backgrounds to suit the specific needs of your business and create an inclusive workplace. We also have the expertise to advise you on how best to leverage AI to create an inclusive hiring process.

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