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How to hire remote talent in finance and accounting

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​Whilst we’re seeing businesses roll out their ‘return to the office’ plans, many employees and employers alike are continuing to lean towards fully remote working. Remote working allows businesses to bypass geographical barriers and can widen their talent pool to reach the best finance and accounting professionals available. This has resulted in fierce competition, as firms battle for top tier candidates across the globe.

Business leaders need to redefine their hiring needs and practices to stay on top of the industry’s evolution, as well as consider how to attract high-calibre finance and accounting talent ahead of their competitors - whilst retaining their top performers too! With many recruitment processes going entirely virtual, new strategies need to be put in place to ensure you are hiring the best candidate available. Not only do they need to have the relevant qualifications, they need to be driven and self-motivated to make remote working successful, like communication, collaboration and confidence.

How to attract and retain top finance and accounting talent

When considering your resourcing strategy, it is important to not lose sight of retaining your existing finance and accounting employees. Saying that, the two tend to go hand in hand as a satisfied workforce will boost your employer brand and in turn, attract more likeminded talent to your business. Other factors to consider when looking to attract and retain top finance and accounting talent include:

Promoting a positive work culture

Promoting a strong workplace culture can be challenging when operating a remote team, but there are several simple methods you can incorporate into your business to ensure a happy workforce. Be sure to engage your remote finance and accounting team in decision making and be clear in your communication, as well as offering the right digital tools to make sure they stay connected and productive.

Being flexible and adaptable

Flexibility is key if you’re looking to attract prospective talent but also keep existing team members. Remember everyone is different, so make sure you understand everyone’s individual need’s and adapt and respond to better accommodate them accordingly. This may mean offering flexible work hours or self-care days to help employees cope with stress.

Creating a strong employer brand

Not only do you need to position your organisation as a whole as a great place to work, but a great place to work remotely. Make sure you advertise the competitive advantage you offer to remote candidates and how your business stands out from your competitors. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and get creative!

Offering attractive employee benefits

When competition for finance and accounting talent is fierce, it is important to differentiate your business from your competitors. Although a competitive salary is a standard practice, it is also important to consider including attractive employee benefits, such as incentive schemes, appreciation events and wellbeing structures.

Providing growth opportunities

Providing your employees with continual professional development opportunities is key to attracting and retaining top finance and accounting talent. Investing in your team’s personal growth demonstrates that they are valued and that you are invested in their career. It will also increase your retention as employees won’t feel like they need to jump ship.

Tips on how to hire remote employees

Before the pandemic, remote hiring in finance and accounting fields was almost unheard of. In-person interviews and meetings were ingrained in the business culture and considered the best way to get to know prospective candidates. However, with the prevalence and success of conferencing technology, remote interviews provide employers with a great time and cost-saving means to screen and interview candidates.

Taking the leap to fully remote hiring may seem daunting, but there are several beneficial methods to reach finance and accounting professionals across the country, or even the world, such as:

Adjusting your advertising

With the possibility of meeting candidates in-person at trade shows or recruitment fairs not such a viable option, focus your efforts on online platforms such as social media, job boards and your own website. Invest in search engine optimisation (SEO) so you can best leverage your own channels.

Renew focus on soft skills

Hiring for a virtual team will mean looking beyond qualifications, as candidates must also have the skills needed to excel at working remotely. These may include good time-management, self-discipline and accountability.

Virtual onboarding is vital

Ensure new hires have the necessary resources and equipment from day one and make sure you have a solid virtual onboarding plan in place for the first couple of weeks.

Hire remote finance and accounting talent with Edward Mann

At Edward Mann, our database and deep networks within the finance community means we are able to source high-calibre candidates to suit the specific needs of your business goals, ensuring you don’t miss out in the future. We actively look for the most technically proficient candidates and have an international mindset to make sure you get the best possible skillsets to suit your needs.

​If you’d like to discuss your remote hiring strategy with a member of our team, or would like to learn more about how to attract and retain top finance and accounting talent remotely – we’d love to hear from you!

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