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How can recruiters help you find senior finance employees

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​Finding high-calibre senior candidates isn’t always easy as senior finance professionals don’t use the same channels in the same way as more junior candidates. It’s harder to market roles via traditional hiring techniques like advertising on job boards or social media as senior professionals aren’t usually using those platforms to look for roles. Senior finance candidates tend to be career-orientated and every decision they make is carefully considered. Most seasoned senior finance professionals won’t even actively be looking at the jobs market or applying to vacancies, making the search itself that bit more of a challenge. This is where partnering with a specialist finance and accounting recruitment agency could prove useful.

Not only do recruiters have experience in recruiting for senior finance positions, they have pre-existing relationships with an extensive talent network that can be leveraged to your advantage. They can listen and understand your unique business needs and your vision for future growth, whilst offering advice on all parts of the recruiting cycle such as marketing, positioning, benefits packages and salary negotiations. In today’s competitive market, collaborating with a recruitment agency when looking for key senior finance professionals may be the key to future business success.

Senior candidate sourcing strategies

Recruiters are well versed in capturing the attention of high-calibre finance and accounting professionals through specialised executive search methods, which means actively seeking the right people for your business rather than hoping the perfect candidate will just come along.

This approach requires you to pitch the opportunity and make your business a desirable place to work with many benefits, or you’ll lose out on senior finance employees to your competitors. Other senior finance candidate sourcing strategies include:

  • Focusing on the candidate’s professional needs, not your own

  • Not putting pressure on the candidate

  • Making the interview process as simple and efficient as possible

Why use a recruitment agency to help source senior finance employees?

Partnering with an agency like Edward Mann will increase your chances of finding the best senior finance talent available on the market, as they will help you:

  • Reduce your time-to-hire

  • Streamline your recruitment strategy

  • Provide a positive candidate experience

  • Boost your employer brand

They will also be able to enhance your senior recruitment efforts as they will actively go out and ‘headhunt’ the best candidates for the role, whether that person is an active job seeker or not, rather than trawling through job boards and thousands of irrelevant applications. Other benefits of partnering with an agency when looking for prospective senior finance employees include:

  • Instant access to an existing talent network

Recruiters can help you prioritise quality over quantity and can save you time on candidate sourcing by reaching out to their existing network of finance and accounting professionals, whether they’re actively looking for a new opportunity or not. By contacting candidates that they already know, it means they have already been pre-screened and are considered suitable prospects for the position.

  • They do all the hard work for you!

Recruiters save you time and effort by handling all the hiring legwork and scheduling interviews with top senior finance and accounting candidates that are suitable for the position. Within a short amount of time, you will be provided with a shortlist of high-calibre candidates with little or no input from you beyond briefing.

  • Alleviate unconscious bias

Partnering with a recruitment agency will mean working with an unbiased third party. They will provide a fresh perspective and will be impartial throughout the hiring process, providing the best possible senior finance candidate for the position.

  • Experts in the industry with insightful market knowledge

The skills and experience you need depend on the ever-changing market and can be difficult and time-consuming to pinpoint on your own.

  • Ongoing support throughout your recruitment process

Recruitment agencies offer support throughout the entire recruitment life cycle, from candidate screening to interviewing and onboarding support. This means that you don’t have to commit any of your internal recruiting operation’s resources, leaving them free to focus on all the other business-critical tasks at hand.

Find top senior finance and accounting talent with Edward Mann

At Edward Mann, our database and deep networks within the finance community means we are able to source high-calibre senior candidates to suit the specific needs of your business goals, ensuring you don’t miss out in the future. We actively look for the most technically proficient candidates, whether they’re looking for new opportunities or not, to make sure you get the best possible skillsets available on the market to suit your needs.